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Truth is always stranger than the fiction! What I am going to tell you is my real life story. You believe it or not.

My name is Reena. I am married and have a daughter of two years old. My husband is 30 years old. I am 25 years old. I have studied up to graduation. I am charming and my husband is handsome. He is fair, well built. He is also educated. He is helping his family business. My father-in-law is a rich land lord. I have a mother-in-law also. My husband is the only child of my in-laws. Five years back I got married. As all the girls feel I was also very excited about my marriage. Since my husband is the only child in the family I would be the queen in that house. Apart from that my husband was a rich and have a palatial house with servants. So all the luxury in the life I have got. I myself was treating as very lucky!

But the luck has other side also. It revealed on my honeymoon night. On my honeymoon night I was expecting my husband, whose name is Ranjit, in the bedroom. Fruits and a glass of milk were kept on the table. Ranjit came in the bedroom. I was afraid and apprehensive. I have heard about honeymoon night from my girl friends. I have also seen such scenes in movies.

Ranjit came near to me. I was looking beautiful and sexy in my bridal attire. He was also looking handsome. There was a lust in his eyes. He sat on the bed; took me in his embrace. He started kissing me. I also responded him. He put his tongue in my mouth. I also did the same thing. My body started arousing. Hot lava spread in my blood. My breasts were palpitating.

Then Ranjit started squeezing my breasts. They were big and fleshy. I unhooked the blouse and bra. He was madly kneading my boobs. He took the nipples in his mouth and started sucking them. Then he removed my sari and petticoat. I was wearing a panty.

However, he was not getting undressed. Then reluctantly he removed his kurta. I saw below his belly and I got a shock of a life time. There was no sign of arousal. I did not say any thing. Then he pulled my panty and started ravishing his fingers in my thick bush of black hairs. I could not resist. I put my hand on his salwar and tried to hold his penis. At once he caught my hand. He said with tears in eyes that he could not give the satisfaction a man gives to her wife. He removed his salwar and under wear. His cock was limp. I got again a shock of a life time. It means I was cheated while marrying this man. I also started weeping.

He came near to me and patting on my back said, “Reena, I have no intention to cheat you. I am not by birth an impotent. But one unfortunate incident made me what I am today. Please forgive me. I will try my best to keep you happy and satisfied. Do not worry. Listen to my story and then you decide what to do”

I was 11 years old and studying in school. I had many friends in my village. There we have a farm house. In holidays I used to go to my village. Friends used to come to meet me to play various games. There were some elder boys also, who liked my company. In the night we used to sleep in our farm house only.

One day at night I woke up and saw one of my friends sleeping besides me. He took my hand in his hand and put it in his under pant. There I touched his hard penis. I did not under stood what to do. But I felt good. I caught hold of his erect penis and started fondling. My friend told me to move my hands on his skin. I started doing that. He felt pleasure in it. Then he put his hand in my knickers and started doing what I was doing to him. Since I was just a kid it was beyond my comprehension what I was doing. Then my friend told me to remove my knickers. I did so. He also got undressed. And bending me he started penetrating his hard penis in my anus. I felt it quite interesting. By this time a strange feeling was spread in my body. As he tried to put his hard penis; I got pains there. I tried to stop him. But he forced me and inserted his penis inside my anus. He started it moving in and out. Now the pains had gone and I started enjoying it. His hand was on my hard penis. He was masturbating me. I could not under stand what it was. Then he increased his speed and within minutes he poured a thick liquid in my anus from his hard prick.

Then he removed his penis from my back. It was all limp and wet with his liquid. He wiped it and slept. Since then whenever we meet, he used to take me at a secluded place and do the same thing to me. One day he told me to do the reverse act. After my prick got erect he bent down then I put my prick in his asshole. That time no liquid used to come out of my penis. But I started enjoying the act.

After holidays were over I came to my town. I forgot the incident. But whenever I used to go to my village the friend used to meet me. Then we were enjoying the act.

Then I had grown up. I was in teens. I started wet dreaming. A white liquid used to come out my penis. I was so attracted to my friend; his name was Mohan, that I always wanted his company. He used to fuck my asshole. Then I was getting aroused. My prick used to get hard. Then I used to fuck him.

I went to college. I crossed my teens. One day I realized that unless Mohan puts his hard cock in my asshole I am not getting erect. Then it was certainly a strange situation. To try this I went to a prostitute. She stood naked in front of me. I also got naked. But I could not get hard on my penis. The prostitute got surprised. Even she put my cock in her mouth. But it has no effect. I had become impotent.

I was very dejected. Then one day I told this to Mohan. He was also surprised. He wanted to test me. So in my farm house in bedroom he fucked me from behind, and what a surprise my cock has become hard as a pole.

Now it was sure that I was impotent. I wanted to go to a doctor. But due to fear and prestige I could not go to a doctor.

My parents started pressing me to get married soon. But I was reluctant. Then one day I had to bow down to my parents and I married you!”

I was aghast. Can such things happen in our so called society? Really Ranjit’s story was heart touching. I also started weeping. Then suddenly I embraced him. I liked his open mindedness that he had told me everything. There was no fault of him. By accident it had all happened. I said,” Do not worry I will do every thing to keep you happy!” Then he started sucking my nipples. His hands were raving over my body. Then coming between my thighs he started sucking my pussy. It was all wet there. He put his middle finger inside. My hymen was intact. So it halted his finger. He was happy that I am still a virgin. Then suddenly he got up and removed a dildo from his cupboard. It has straps tied on it. I was looking at him with amazement. He put the dildo around his waist and came between my legs. He also put Vaseline to top of the dildo. Then opening my vagina he smoothly entered the dildo in it. I had already become horny. My cranny was on fire. Suddenly Ranjit pushed hard the dildo and I screamed with pain. Half of the dildo has gone inside. He removed it and again rammed it inside my vagina. Gradually he started moving it. I was moaning with pains. Suddenly he had increased his speed. By hands he was also kneading my two breasts and sucking my nipples.

Suddenly I started getting pleasure. Now I was moaning with pleasure. Now Ranjit was fucking me with vigor. My breathing has increased and I caught hold Ranjit tight to my breast. Suddenly lava passed through my body and spent a creamy liquid from my vagina. I stopped Ranjit. He was also satisfied. I got up and saw blood was oozing out of my vagina. I got afraid. But Ranjit told me that a virgin girl bleeds first time; nothing to worry. Then he only wiped my vagina. He slept besides me. Immediately I embraced him and started kissing him. He was also stroking me. I said, “I love you so much. I would do anything for you!” Then he said, “Reena, if you want to see me happy you have to do one thing for me!” “What?” I asked. He said, “If you desire that I should fuck you with my cock and give you pleasure, and then I must call Mohan here. He will fuck me behind and then after erecting my cock I would be able to fuck you!” Oho! What a demand made by my husband! Without thinking anything I said OK. Because in our Hindu dharma it has been taught that husband is a wife’s god. To please him a wife should do anything. I immediately agreed to his proposal.

It means we have to do the threesome act in our bedroom Ranjit, Mohan and me! No woman in the world must have come across such a tricky situation. Ranjit got very happy; he immediately kissed me and said, tomorrow we should go to our farm house at village. Then we slept.

(To be continued)

* * *

Friday, October 19, 2007

Blacksmith's Wife

Blacksmith’s Wife

I had just crossed 18 years of age. I was studying in first year of college. The nature had done its job. The youthfulness in me was at its peak. I was getting wet in my underwear at night. Early in the morning my prick used to erect hard like an iron bar.
I was also dreaming of heroines and beautiful girls in my college and town. At that time I was living in a small town along with my parents. Outside the town there was a river and on the bank of it there was lush greenery. Many trees were there.
One day the following incident took place and I lost my virginity. I had grown up as a man. It was my first encounter with sex and a woman.
Every day in the afternoon I used to go to the river side. Some times I took books with me to read. Most of the books were romantic and pornographic.
That day I read a book and while reading I slept there only. Suddenly I got up. I opened my eyes and what I saw was I could not believe my own eyes.
A young woman was taking bath in the river. As there was a bush between us she could not see me. But I could watch her thoroughly. After a while I recognized that the woman was newly married wife of a blacksmith in the town.
I started staring her acutely. She was medium in height, whitish in color. She was all plump. The sari she was wearing was wet and it was covering her well shaped body. As she was sitting on a stone and bathing I could not see her lower portion. But I could see her face, her well ripen breasts, which were behind her pallu.
The very sight was exciting. My blood started flowing rapidly. Hot waves were coming from my ears and nose. And my manhood stood like an iron rod under my pant.
As I was watching her movements eagerly she stood up and started massaging her thighs and shins. As there was nobody around she put her hand under her sari and started massaging between her thighs. The very sight was voluptuous and I was tying to control myself. My rod was so erect that at any moment it would have exploded.
As I told she was just married. Her age must be around 20 years of age. Her name was Manjula. As she was staying in a hut she was not getting space to bathe. So she must be coming to the river to take a bath.
As I was watching her she finished her bath and with the wet sari on her body she walked to a nearby tree where her dry clothes were kept. The distance was hardly 10-15 feet from me. I was sitting and seeing her movements from behind the bush.
She removed her wet sari around her upper portion and started drying the wet body. Oho! What a sight it was. Now I could see her big, fleshy breasts. The shape was round and small nipples were there. After that Manjula started wiping her thighs. Now I could see her well shaped plump thighs while doing so she had became complete naked. Oh! First time in my life I was seeing a woman naked. Now I could see her belly, and the mound below it. The mound was full of dark curly black hairs. First time in my life I was seeing such a sight. Now she just parted her legs. I could see a thin reddish crack between her thighs.
Here my condition was totally uncontrollable. I unzipped my pant and took out my rod and started masturbating. Within minutes I exploded my cumm and sound of ‘Hoo Haa!’ I uttered.
With that sound Manjula got alert and she started seeing in front of the bush. Suddenly she covered her body with her sari. She asked, “Who is there?”
I could not hide any more. Putting my cock inside my pant I got up. Manjula saw me. She knew who I was, because once or twice she had come to my house to meet my mother. She hurriedly wore the sari. By that time I went near to her.
She said, “You are that boy who was watching me naked!”
I said sorry to her. I told her that I was in sleep when she was bathing and suddenly I got up and I seen her.
She started smiling at my innocence. By this I gathered some courage and started talking to her. She took her blouse and petticoat and went behind the tree. After some time she came back.
Now her body was clad in the blouse and the petticoat. Her hairs strayed. She started combing them.
Then suddenly I asked Manjula, “Manjula please tell me. Of late I am getting wet in nights. What is the matter?”
She understood what I was asking. Smilingly she said, “You have become a man now! You are no more a boy.”
I pretended that I had not understood what she said. Then she further said-
“After certain age a boy and a girl become mature. Then they are ready for the marriage and can have sex.”
I asked her can I have sex now. She said yes. Suddenly I touched her hand.
At that time I was 5’4” in height. Fair in complexion and I had an athletic body. By seeing this Manjula must have also thought about sex with me. She was married and experienced where as I was totally novice.
Thinking my intentions she said, “But remember one thing. You should not tell this to anybody.”
I promised her. Then she took my hand in her hand and driven me to the bush where I was sleeping. Since it was evening the light was not that bright. There on the grass we sat. Manjula started kissing me all over my face. She also embraced me with both her hands. Her plump breasts were touching my chest. A strange feeling took all over my body. My blood pressure increased.
By now I got enough courage. The descriptions I read in pornographic books came handy. I touched her one breast and started fondling it. My manhood got erect again. Suddenly Manjula slipped her hand towards my zip. I knew what she wanted. I opened my zip. At once Manjula took out my hard cock. She started fondling it. With the soft touch of her hand it increased its size further. She said you have a nice, big cock. She must be comparing her husband’s cock with mine. I knew her husband. He was not as handsome as I was.
She touched my testicles also. There was thick bush of curly hairs around my cock. Manjula’s fingers were roaming in them. By now I had inserted my hand in her sari. Since we were sitting she widened her legs and made a way for me. Few minutes before the things I was watching now they were in my hands. I put my hand in between her thighs. I started exploring her thick bush. Suddenly I found the opening. I put my index finger in it. Manjula’s cunt was hot and well lubricated. Manjula started moaning with pleasure. She was kissing and inserting her tongue in my mouth. I touched a hard pea like thing on the opening of her cunt. It was her clit hard and erect.
At this moment Manjula stopped me. She parted away from me. She lied on the ground and lifted her petticoat and sari. She told me to remove my pant. I did so. Then she pulled me over her. I was new to all these things. She herself holding my hard cock put it on her cunt. She told me to push it inside.
What an experience it was! In one push my entire cock went inside her cunt. She also lifting her buttocks and started fucking me. I was in seventh heaven. I had unhooked her blouse. She was not wearing a bra. I was kneading her two breasts. She was telling me to suck the nipples. I started sucking them.
After some time we both reached the climax. My pushes become vigorous and suddenly I exploded my lava in Manjula’s cunt. For few minutes I lied on Manjula totally exasperating. I saw that my cock was now limp and came out of Manjula’s cunt.
Manjula moved me aside. With her petticoat she wiped my cock and her cunt. She sat. She buttoned her blouse.
The light was too dim to see our faces. She gave a kiss to me and said this is all about the manhood, understood you stupid!
After that we got up. While departing I asked her when we should meet again. She said wait and watch! And she went away.

* * *